Game Drives

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With our own safari vehicle, we love to take our guests into the beautiful Balule Game Reserve. The Game Reserve sits neatly on the Western Border of the Kruger National Park and its close proximity means wildlife can quite easily move between the two areas. A day trip into the reserve can yield countless animal sightings and lucky guests might even spot the world famous Big 5.

Bush Walks

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While the guided safari in a vehicle is truly an exciting trip, nothing quite beats a bush walk. In the company of a guide, guests can walk the various paths though the African bush and along the way see wildlife and learn how to spot animal tracks. Guests will learn a lot about the habitats they walk through and the animals they encounter. No other trip will get you this close to the wildlife.

Quad Bike Ride

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If walking doesn’t sound like fun and the vehicle sounds too unadventurous, a quad bike ride is sure to get your blood pumping. This unusual way of seeing the surrounds is guaranteed to be quite unforgettable. If you are worried about not having a lot of experience, there is no need to be too concerned. Quad bikes are rather easy to get the hang of and they are loads of fun once you get going!

Cheetah Walk

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Another superb way to get outdoors and do a little exploring on foot, the Cheetah Walk might just be what you are in search of. For more information about this exciting adventure, you can ask when booking your stay with us.

Jessica the Hippo

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Interacting with wildlife is taken to the next step with a visit to Jessica the Hippo. Found on the banks of the Blyde River over 18 years ago, after being swept away in flood waters when she was only a few hours old, Jessica was rescued by Tonie and Shirley Joubert and nursed back to health. Day visitors are welcome to visit Jessica and give her a bottle and a little love. You can ask reception for the directions or we can arrange a tour for you.

Hesc / Moholoholo

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A centre dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of wildlife of all kinds, the HESC and Moholoholo offer guests a truly interactive tour that will educated them about the importance of wildlife and the effort which goes into taking care of injured and traumatised animals. Guests can spend the day being guided around the centre and enjoy a unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Snake Park

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Although wildlife is without a doubt the main attraction of the area, reptiles are just as fascinating. While in the bush it can be rather difficult to spot these shy creatures, but at the nearby snake park, a place where snakes and all sorts of spiders and insects are protected and conserved, can be viewed. Tours of the Snake Park are wonderfully enlightening and will give guests a whole new way of looking at these creatures who are so often feared.

Jabulani Elephant Interaction

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Elephants are known for being quite gentle and it is never more apparent than when interacting with them.  When arriving at Jabulani, guests are greeted by 5 of the 15 elephants who make up the Jabulani herd. The curious elephants enjoy meeting guests, and those who visit will have the opportunity to feed them while learning all about these exceptional creatures.


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