These days, we’re all looking for a new experience, and many of us are looking to escape from the world, even if it is only for a little bit. Going off the grid and enjoying a real break, away from people, social media and the web is the ideal way to completely relax and reset your mind. But it can require a little planning.

IsiLimela is an off the grid destination, but not in the truest terms. Settled in the heart of Balule, a private game reserve, you can be indulging in the privacy, and peace and quiet, that the lodge has to offer. When guests arrive, they can spend their holiday looking forward to lazy days and exciting safaris, well away from the crowds that are known to fill the Kruger.

When you are planning an off the grid holiday to IsiLimela or any another perhaps more rustic destination, your planning will come in key. We are not as off the grid as other destinations, as we have electricity and other amenities, but South Africa has grown to become the ideal off the grid place for guests from all over the world.

Here are some things that you should consider when planning

  • Be prepared to be away from your phone

It is exceptionally difficult to get away from a cellphone these days and even if you turn them off, you can’t escape cellphone reception, so there is always the temptation to turn it on. There are some places in the Kruger where there is no reception, but most camps and lodges do have reception.

So how can you go off the grid? Be prepared to leave your phone in a drawer or safe and get out there and embrace being disconnected.

  • Eat simply and when you can, cook for yourself

Many luxury lodges allow guests the option to indulge in delicious meals prepared at the lodge or cater their own meals in their kitchenettes. This gives you the freedom to balance indulgence with simple eating. It also allows you to enjoy more privacy when you want it.

  • Bring what you need

If you are planning on staying at a really remote destination, it will help to first ask what is available at your accommodation, and what is not. The more rustic destinations will have limited amenities and you might find your planning becomes similar to camping, with you having to bring along bedding and kitchen supplies.

Choosing a more luxurious off the grid destination, like IsiLimela, means you will have everything you need, so you will really only need to bring along the bare minimum. We’ll provide everything else.

Going off the grid is a fantastic way to enjoy a digital detox and truly unwind. In this fast paced existence, everyone deserves to have a real holiday away from all of the everyday stresses.

This is what you can expect when you stay at IsiLimela.

Book your stay via our site, email us or give us a call, and visit Africa on your next holiday.