As a luxury safari lodge in Africa, IsiLimela welcomes guests from all over the world to enjoy true, laidback African hospitality. Many of those staying at our lodge for the first time, are also first time visitors to the continent and as such, they are full of questions, especially when it comes to deciding what to do with their time here.

There is truly no place like Africa.

From those blood red sunsets that seem otherworldly, to the excitement of spotting wildlife while on a game drive, the continent is the one place every nature lover should make the time to see. Africa is the ultimate safari destination and when staying in Balule, and waking up to wildlife walking close to your bedroom or hearing the roars of the lions at midnight, it is easy to see why so many never want to leave.

We strive to provide our guests with a truly unforgettable holiday in Africa, and while at our luxury safari lodge, we assist our guests in any way that we can. This means, we are more than happy to answer all of your pressing questions.

Staying at a luxury safari lodge while in Africa is one way to guarantee that your trip is as comfortable as it is exciting and to help you make up your mind about what it is that you want to do with your time here, we’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions about safaris.

  1. What is the best month to go on a safari?

The spring and autumn months are considered the best, so plan your trip for September, October, March, April or May. These months are quite mild so you won’t have to pack your winter woollies and there is also less risk of contracting malaria. Visiting in September and October is always a great idea because the vegetation is not yet overgrown by the summer rains, so it is easier to see wildlife.

  1. Are safaris safe?

Keeping in mind that you are exploring the natural habitats of some of Africa’s most dangerous animals, your safari is only as safe as you make it. What we mean is, if you stick to the park rules, stay in the vehicle and don’t touch or feed wildlife, you will find that the animals are cautious of visitors and won’t come too close.

The truth is, more tourists are killed or hurt in car accidents while in Africa, than while on safari. When you are staying at a luxury lodge, you will be safe, and if that lodge provides a safari, you can really put aside all of your concerns as you will be in the best company.


     3.Which are the best game reserves in South Africa?

South Africa is a hot spot for wildlife safaris because we have so many game reserves. We are a nature conservation type of country and as such we have a wide variety of both private and public reserves for you to explore.

In no particular order, the best game reserves include:

  • Grootbos Private Game Reserve
  • Greater Kruger National Park (including Balule)
  • Pilansberg National Park
  • Lion Sands Game Reserve
  • Shamwari Game Reserve

For more information, please have a look at our FAQ page where you can find more practical information.